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5 Reasons your personal brand needs a website



    I offer DIY and Done For You Website Services. So whether you are a “Let me learn to do it, save money & have control” or a “Heck no! I would rather pay someone to do quality work at a reasonable price”, I can help.

    Create an online presence that stands out!

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    More Info

    Guided by me, you’ll learn how to easily set up your hosting, install a template, and customize the template to your brand colors, logo and information. You will be able to update your site on your own without the need of web designer.

    You have the option of choosing a template that will be customized to your brand colors, logo and information or you can choose to have a custom site designed specifically for your business.

    BRANDING | coaching​



    YOU have Ideas of a business you want to start

    YOU want the freedom & flexibility of owning a business what don’t know what business to start

    YOU want to make a difference in people’s lives

    YOU want financial freedom

    YOU started a business but have been struggling to get to the next level

    YOU are limited on time

    YOU are overwhelmed about where to start

    YOU don’t want to “hustle” and sacrifice your time and family in exchange for success

    YOU don’t want to start something and not be able to finish it or fail

    how can you make it work?

    Business isn’t just about money. It’s the person you become on your way to success. We work on a “whole human” approach. When you are good emotionally, you’ll run a better business.

    coaching can help you....

    Get clear on your business, branding, goals & strategy to set yourself up for success

    Create an action plan and strategy so you’ll always have a clear path and a next step toward success

    Define what “success” means to you and how you want to achieve it

    Productivity & Time Management strategies so you’ll know how to fit it into your life

    How to find customers/clients and turn them into obsessed fans that send you referrals & buy from you

    And so much more!

    Single 1:1 Coaching Session

    Monthly  1:1 Coaching Sessions

    Branding Coaching Session

    A one-time coaching session is a great way to get clarity and direction. If you are unsure of your strategy or need a plan to get you started, talking with someone that can be objective is key. We are too close to our own business and at times that can keep us stuck and in analysis paralysis. When you have a clear plan you can then start to work on what matters and not just busy work.

    Branding isn't just a logo and color scheme. You need a message and strategy that helps you connect with your ideal client. Not clear on your ideal client? We will define your ICA as well as your brand voice so you'll connect with clients that will buy.

    Having a coach is essential to your business. When you work one on one with me, we accelerate your success. We start from where you are and create a strategy to get you where you want to go. Coaching can include the following: 

    • Getting clear on your vision and setup goals with deadlines
    • Changing your mindset
    • Creating your branding and defining your ideal client
    • Crafting your brand voice, content, and messaging
    • Productivity
    • Setting up systems
    • Turning your clients into obsessed fans 
    • And so much more!

    You will leave each call with clear action plans to accomplish before our next call. Accountability is key, and although I am not your boss or a task-master, I will help you work on your productivity so that you can get things done.